April 14, 2009

These Hard, Hard Times

Fifteen-second commercial spots are always awkward. It's like a graduate student writing a five-page paper: there simply isn't enough time to do anything complex. That's why I'm always amazed by short commercials, like this one from Trojan:

The sex and alcohol industries are usually two of the last industries hit by a recession. Pornography sales are dropping, though. How does Trojan appeal to buyers in "these hard [hehe, hard] times"? Through the idea that buying condoms makes you patriotic! Wait, what? So, am I doing my patriotic duty by not bringing children into the world in its current state? If so, what does that say about where we're at as a country?

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious. The eagle head turn is pure magic.

    Here's to "riding out these hard times together!"

    Oh wow... still laughing.